The Leading Manufacturer of Shockwave Therapy Devices
We have over 4 years’ experience of supplying Shockwave Therapy devices to worldwide consumers, distributors and retailers. We never forget our mission for our customers is “Keep A Nimble Life”, a strong motivating reason why allows us to tap into willpower to overcome different difficulties, and constantly strive to offer the best products at competitive prices, together with high quality service.

About Us
We are proud of our Shockwave Therapy products and persistent effort, as plenty of customers get better care and rehabilitation, when they get nimbler, their families get happier.

Our Story
Our story began in 2017. We created Kanl for producing and selling different kinds of massage products, including meridian hammer, massage cushion, shoulder massager, lumbar massager, etc. We found many of our customers have more than one kind of musculoskeletal pain, especially for elderly people, office workers, housewives and those who enjoy sports. So, our marketing and R&D departments co-worked to find whether there is a device which can treat more kinds of musculoskeletal pain at the soonest, let the only device to serve different treatments, but gain more efficient result. After masses of studies and thoughtful discussion, we chose and decided to produce Shockwave Therapy devices in the same year.

With over 4 years of development, our Shockwave Therapy devices were applied to treat hundreds of thousands of customers from various countries on a worldwide scale.