Cold Therapy Wrap Ice Pack for Face Swelling Wisdom Teeth


Medical cold therapy wraps for your face are an ideal solution for treating pain in your face muscle caused by swelling wisdom teeth, face injury, and face surgery. It helps relieve pain and numbness. You can control the compression yourself with an inflating pump, and the wrap features a pouch for its removable gel pack. Only 2 hours of refrigeration are needed for you to enjoy full relief.

  • The ice pack is filled with non-toxic gel, a cooling effect is good
  • The ice pack reinforced trimmed edges improve durability
  • The fixed wraps use velvet and sponge material, soft and breathable
  • The magic hook and loop can stick on the wrap to adjust the size
  • It is just as easy to use as an ordinary ice pack, but its reusable function makes it more cost-effective